dumbwaiters, cart lifts and elevators for commercial, industrial and residential environments
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Residential Solutions

Matot offers commercial grade lift solutions that make the home more accessible. From moving you to moving your belongings, count on Matot to provide products that blend in and add to the home you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Home Elevators
    Matot partners with American Crescent to combine over 150 years of experience and create the finest residential home elevators available. Fine craftsmanship and state–of–the–art engineering combine to provide a dependable product that adds to the aesthetics of your home.
  • Home Dumbwaiters
    The dumbwaiter is back! Not that it ever left, just ask anybody who is lucky enough to have one of Matot’s Ambassador Lite-Duty dumbwaiters in their home. Handsome and handy, the dumbwaiter is the ideal solution in homes where items need to move from one level to the other.